The Crocker Brothers - Appearances

"In all my years of listening to British bluegrass and country fare,
the Crocker Brothers are the best I've heard and are of truly international standing."

Tom Travis (reviewing a live show for Country Music People magazine).

"I try to encourage these guys to get out more. I'd have more success trying to get the peat out of malt whiskey."
Allan Nelson Cullin FM

"Over the years, I have strived to promote talent and true dedication. Here's hoping I get the reward I deserve."
Allan Nelson Cullin FM

The Crocker Brothers aren't let out very often but you might be lucky enough to
catch them here and there (mostly here):

Saturday June 9 The Volunteer Arms
5 Watson Terrace
YO24 4BH
Free admission, 8.30pm start
Venue phone: 01904 541 945

Saturday August 25 The Volunteer Arms

Saturday October 27 The Volunteer Arms

Saturday December 8 The Volunteer Arms

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